Ray Brett


I have over 25 years of R&D experience in many multidisciplinary projects spread across 4 great company’s (Nortel; Océ; ASML; Assembléon). In the fields of EMC, Reliability and Product Safety I have extensive experience in pro-active planning and evaluation for achieving compliance with many mandatory international standards with a first-time-right approach, from (PCB’s to system-level).  

I also won the Philips (Assembléon) best Quality Improvement award in 2008 for my efforts in the field of reliability engineering, where I set-up a company-wide reliability awareness as well as chairing a team of engineers to set-up qualification methods and guidelines, in order to pro-actively access and improve product reliability. I have also given many intercompany presentations in the field of HALT testing including the D&E event 2009 in the Evoluon, Eindhoven.